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Unlock Your Glutes Review – By Brian Klepacki

Unlock Your Glutes is a program for men and women who seek a fuller, more powerful buttock. Awaken the sleeping giant within for superior shape, power, strength, and long-term health.

I decided to get serious about having a butt a few years ago. After I turned 30, my buttcheeks began to “fall.” I saw when a companion told me, and I was unable to recover from my stupor.

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My entire life, the size of my butt never occurred to me. It was starting to seem dreary… It’s a heartbreaking situation.

In addition, my new concern made me feel ashamed. My strategy was to handle it on my own terms.

  • Secretly.
  • Continuously. 
  • Muscle groupings are being practiced.
  • Keeping an eye on the big picture.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.


That is why I’ve decided to write a review of Unlock Your Glutes. It delivered the results I required when I needed them.

Is it true that I look like a football player? No. Regardless, I no longer feel self-conscious in any pair of pants or shorts.

It’s also entertaining to examine myself in the mirror. That was all I really needed.

What is the purpose of Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes before and after image

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Unlock Your Glutes is a simple glutes workout that can be done anywhere.

Why did I enjoy it so much?

  • Uses your own body weight.
  • There’s no need for high-tech exercise equipment.
  • Strengthens the entire body.
  • It only takes 10 minutes per day.
  • It can be done anyplace.

The best gluteal and back-lowering workouts are included in the book. In my fantasy, I was worried about developing a disproportionate buttock. My worries were heard, but not by me.

It all looks natural and proportional, and it’s given me other benefits like being able to run faster and stroll longer distances without feeling self-conscious.

For individuals who go to the gym, the author created a gym version.

You’ll learn how to use the most popular gym equipment to work out like a god. That was not, however, my cup of tea.

Last but not least, they leave no room for interpretation…

The presentation includes a number of high-definition videos. As a result, you’ll know exactly how to perform the exercises in order to achieve the finest outcomes.

About the Author, Brian Klepacki

Brian Klepacki, the author, has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. He is also a member of the C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).

Coach Brian chose to combine his 16 years of experience with his knowledge to help us with that ONE difficult area. What’s his key to success?

He’s an expert on functional mobility…

You may only work out certain muscles when you go to the gym or participate in certain activities. You’ve probably seen a guy with huge arms but little legs, or a biceps monster but no triceps. When you merely work out specific muscles without sufficient instruction, this is what happens.

Functional Movement, on the other hand, focuses on a distinct aspect of the body.

  • Muscles, joints, and nerves all need to be exercised.
  • At the same time, you’ll improve your strength and flexibility.
  • Reduce your chances of being injured.
  • Reduce discomfort while increasing results.
  • Obtain long-term results.

To be honest, I put forth the lowest amount of effort and received outstanding results. My butt isn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination. But any pair of jeans or underpants will do.

Being nude in front of a woman has never been easier!

Brian Klepacki has set everything in place so you can get right to work.

This is how he goes about it…

How Does The Unlock Your Glutes Work?

Are you aware that getting adequate sleep is essential for productivity? Exercising can benefit from rest in order to obtain huge results.

Coach Brian’s program only necessitates two workouts per week!

Intervals of rest, on the other hand, are crucial. If he says no more workouts for the next three days, for example, that’s it!

  • Only do the workouts that are necessary.
  • Take breaks to allow the muscle to recover.
  • It’s easy to follow and stick to.
  • Increase your body’s volume, strength, and firmness.
  • There’s no reason to give up your freedom.

This program’s workouts are aimed at the muscles in your buttocks, thighs, legs, and lower back…

Did I mention it’s geared toward women?

I don’t have any regrets, and I’d do it all over again!

In general, women accumulate a lot of fat in the areas mentioned above. I haven’t shed any weight since then. However, it became evenly disseminated throughout my body.

After reading some of the Unlock Your Glutes reviews written by women, I realized that this is a common occurrence.


unlock your glutes review image

How to use this program?

In any case, do enough exercise, make a month-long commitment, and don’t overdo it.

People are usually very eager when they first start exercising. They are seized by Sylvester Stallone’s ghost and taken for the day to Rocky IV. Their thoughts aren’t up to it the next day, so they give up.


You should push yourself a little outside of your comfort zone here, but not to the point of trouble. The most important thing is that you follow through.

Furthermore, the training time could be anywhere from 8 to less than 30 minutes. So, wherever possible, choose something you can actually do and stick with it.

For the first month, I followed it religiously. Following that, I tweaked it to make it more challenging in a shorter length of time after viewing the results. I earned good grades and all that, but I was already content.

Keep in mind that your glutes can handle high-intensity training. They’ll be fine if you train them six times a week, for example. However, in this location, you are not permitted to do so, so please abstain!

Rest and train merely a couple of times a week.

“In a month, I’ll make up for what I lost in a year,” I reasoned. I’m a patient individual.”

You’ll find everything you need in one place.

Inconsistencies bother me when it comes to practice.

Eat five times a day, or more frequently. It’s a good idea to exercise a lot and practice a bit. Eat more carbohydrates, eat fewer carbohydrates…

To begin, you go online and find so much information that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It can be difficult to know what to do next. Various things work for different people, according to the facts, so…

How would you know whether this would work for you?

There isn’t a single stone that has been unturned! Here’s how they make sure your glutes are always in direct contact. As you go along, you’ll be able to tailor it to your own requirements.

What do you want to gain from this program?

  • Learn how to construct the best daily practice for yourself.
  • You’ll obtain fantastic results while also saving time.
  • Practice the most effective strategies to avoid injury and boost your gains.
  • Work each muscle while staying out of trouble.
  • Remove any and all potential development impediments to keep moving forward.

The entire thing is tucked away beneath the main guide and two additional rewards. Thankfully, there are two more…

Reward #1: Strong leg exercise.

The basic aides will provide you with everything you need to work out your glutes and legs. This is the manual to consult if you want to take your activity to the next level.

It helped me bulk up my calves, which had been consistently lean, in my opinion. In addition, I strengthened my lower legs, which helped me improve my posture.

Reward #2: Fat misfortune for 14 days.

This post will also assist you in gaining if you are planning a trip to the beach or simply want to show off.

In just fourteen days, you’ll be slim and defined. It’s never been easier to brag about your benefits!

Is the programming a ruse, or is it real?

A woman places her butt on the solid divider during her workout.

According to those who have successfully finished the Unlock Your Glutes preparation, the method works. Overall, it is suitable for both men and women.

Furthermore, your purchase is guaranteed by a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the results. That means you can seek a refund without having to answer any questions if you are unhappy with the program.

This product is great, and I have no reservations about recommending it.

Where to buy Unlock Your Glutes?

The official website for Unlock Your Glutes is


This is probably not the place for you if you want to alter your life. In any case, if you’re seeking for a program that uses simply your body weight to grow your butt and legs, you’ve arrived to the perfect spot!

This application communicates and does it in a straightforward manner!

This isn’t an anatomy class, which distinguishes it from others. Get directly to the point and work your butt (get it?) off.

It’s never too late to get your glutes and legs in shape. Start right now!

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